About Rapjack

I have angst, tension and crazy ideas in my head.  I need a release and I feel this is the most socially acceptable venue in which to satiate my pangs.  Although I would like to believe that I am not one to  fall in line or aquiesce to “The Man” I admit that a lot of my time is spent doing the right thing  so feathers don’t get ruffled.  Hence my angst.  There has been an awakening within me of a squelched passion.  A passion to write.  So now I embark on this new adventure with giddy enthusiasm.  Buckle your seat belt it could get ugly.  If you are offended….turn away.  Follow my blog and you will get to know me.  Suffice it to say that I am always hungry and I think about food constantly.   What will I cook, what will I eat, where will I eat, what will I cook for others that for whatever reason I prefer not to eat, when will I be in a position that I must eat what disgusts me and what will I cook that others prefer not to eat are the questions that I am faced with everyday.  Although the planning, procurement, preparation and enjoyment of food occupies a majority of my time I have come to know a world of characters from fascinating to ridiculous and adventures from ordinary to far out.  My insatiable desire to explore new things may at times be perceived as having little or nothing to do with food but don’t be fooled I must eat and eat well everyday, that is a sense that will not be denied even if it amounts to only my expensive beer that day.  And with that I will have many stories to tell.


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