Are You Passionate ?

Are you “influenced or dominated by intense emotion or strong feeling” thank you Random House.  Do you wear it on your sleeve everyday ?   Those lifeless drones out there who show up to their uneventful jobs, who wake up everyday to their mundane lives….you know who you are.  That was  me, yup…..been to that place before, still visit it occasionally.  I’m sure you all have at some point…..even sporadically dispersed throughout your otherwise passionate lives.  Writers block, the daily grind, same shit different day, How you doin ? “Not bad”  WTF….how much better is “not bad” from absolutely fucking miserable….on the brink of disaster or go away you bug me.  Well, passion is in there somewhere.  Yes, in everyone…i know it.  Don’t ask how, i just do.  It is squelched, disguised, hiding, smothered…you get the point.  Is it a question of validity….is your passion worthy, respectable, healthy, self-destructive, harmful, profitable ?  It is your passion….piss off those opinions.  How about those lucky bastards, intuitive geniuses, selfish Mo FO’s, sell outs, politicians, celebrity chefs  oops don’t dis them ahemmm, celebrity chefs and remarkable people who have found a way to parlay their passion into a viable career and a balanced life.  And what is this silly new literary tool that allows you to cross out what you’re really thinking but still let it peep thru.  I’m passionate about using it more often.  Speak up if you’re out there you freaks who have it all figured out.  Is it even possible…something has to give.  What if you have multiple passions…..where is the space for other important crap you gotta take care of or that someone else is expecting you to take care of.  I got it……I’ll be passionate about being the person you want me to be.  It will feed itself just like every good passion should.  Here’s another thing…raging, roaring fires of passion don’t die if they are not fed.  They smolder, simmer, ferment…it is your eternal flame man…like a dormant volcano.  Unleash your passion, set it free……go find it again….you will recognize it when you see it.  Your passion will not die but you surely will if you do not answer it.  Oh, one last thing…don’t hurt anybody or cause irreparable damage to any person or thing that is deemed valuable to any person .  You can piss people off if you want but be prepared to live with the consequences….you know this.  Go on…Go….. get to it.  I’m gonna go get passionate with my Hennepin Belgian Style Saison.


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